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312 Park – a service to decode parking in Chicago

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312 Park – a service to decode parking in Chicago

A smartphone app to help drivers in Chicago find parking spaces, check parking regulations and avoid unnecessary stress and parking tickets with automatic alerts and notifications. To demonstrate our solution we shot and produced the video above showcasing a high-fidelity prototype in action.

The problem
As part of April Starr's service design workshop, we were tasked with creating a design plan for a new government service that generates revenue and evolves with the user over time. 

Our approach
My team chose to focus on the experience of owning a car in Chicago. We conducted primary research and quickly discovered that parking was a major pain point for drivers in the city. To solve this particular problem we were mindful of proposing an implementable system that took into consideration existing technology platforms, infrastructure as well as the interests of all the main stakeholders.

fall 2012

My Role  
primary & secondary research, analysis, prototyping,  

Team Members
Lauren BraunRussell Flench, Janice Wong

Process & Results

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Paper Prototyping
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Getting feedback on messaging and tone
Helping people know what to expect before beginning a trip
Giving people a chance to act before a meter expires: Walk time or adding time remotely through the app