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MSK Cancer Center – patient platform

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – The future of patient care

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) is one of the top ranking cancer treatment and research hospitals in the world. They have several facilities in New York City and provide a multitude of treatment services to their thousands of patients.

The problem
Cancer treatment is rapidly evolving; outpatient care has become the major part of the patient experience and care has become fragmented. Patients are facing more challenges navigating their recovery journey, a trend that is not slowing down. 

The Challenge
Cloud based platforms can help bridge this disconnect, and present an opportunity to extend MSK’s care experience beyond it’s doors. We partnered with MSK’s Strategic Planning and Innovation team to envision the role of digital technologies in facilitating MSK-patient communications. 

Our approach
To better understand the challenge, we spent time in patients’ homes and in the chemo suites at 64th street -- learning about how they already communicate and share information with MSK. All told, we spoke with 22 patients, 2 caregivers and a handful of MSK nursing, medical and administrative staff.  With that grounding and a flurry of secondary research we were able to uncover the unique qualities that could make such a platform successful, and set out to create a design “North Star” to help MSK stakeholders envision a future around a patient-centered communication platform. 


Spring 2013

My Role
UX & UI, primary & secondary research, analysis, prototyping

Team Members  
Lauren Braun, Paul Keck, Katie Kowaloff, Wojciech Tusz, Janice Wong

Process & results

A peek into our process
Insights & Principles
The Northstar